Episode Episode 4
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Tempting Workers to Return to the Office Will Take More Than Prosecco on Tap!

“We lose that human interaction and that the opportunity to be bitchy or supportive or funny, hence it becomes very, very technical. I think people need that humanistic approach to work. “

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Show notes

Mark Kass is CEO and Chairman of The Enterprise4Good Group. The group operates a socially responsible stable of brands that designs, delivers and manages a variety of economic growth programmes to create measurable social, environmental and economic impact.

His typical clients are from the start-up, SME and Freelancer sectors all of which have been deeply affected by recent events. A wide-ranging interview covering a number of themes:

Has technology aided or hindered creativity?
The effect on mental health from working remotely
Why property owners need to think differently about property
The importance of community
Why HR should be involved in planning future office needs

My guest

Mark Kass

In this episode, Chris talks to prolific ‘Social Entrepreneur’ and and ‘Social Impact’ investor Mark Kass. Mark Kass takes us through the highs and lows of operating a co-working and business centre operation during the Pandemic and why the widely purported death of the office is hugely over-exaggerated.

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