Episode 8

Talking About Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What does Diversity, Equality and Inclusion or it’s acronym DE&I mean to you? Everyone is talking about it and writing about it but why does it matter and how do you launch a DE&I survey? Often when we hear about successful DE&I programmes, we learn from large multi-national private companies or professional services firms with an already strong culture, a highly internationalised and mobile workforce and employees who are overwhelmingly classed as white-collar.

Well in this Oven-Ready HR episode, I wanted to explore a successful DE&I ‘Climate Survey’ programme in a completely different sort of organisation; publicly owned, an overwhelmingly blue-collar and unionised workforce classed as ‘essential workers’; two thirds of whom already come from an ethnic-minority background and who often work all day in complete isolation. Adding to the complexity, this DE&I programme was run during the George Floyd protests and a global pandemic.

About my guest

Jacqueline Hopkins who was then SEPTA’s Executive responsible for Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Relations and Dr Fiona Jamison, the CEO of Spring International a Philadelphia based women-owned research analytics and consulting firm. Spring International helps organisations throughout the US and internationally build better workplaces and enhance the employee experience ultimately of course to drive business performance.


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