Episode Episode 7
Season 5

Still A White Hot Recruitment Market? Maybe…

There is no such thing as work life balance. There’s never been work life balance. It’s been work life integration.

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Show notes

We’ve had a white-hot recruitment market for some time now and I thought it was right to take the temperature again and see if it’s still as hot as we’re led to believe – given the multiple issues we’re facing not least the cost of living crisis.

William Tincup is the President & Editor at large of Recruiting Daily the world’s number 1 online site for recruitment content. William is at the intersection of work and technology. He’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, podcaster & storyteller. William serves on the board of 20+ HR technology startups and he’s been writing about HR and Recruiting related issues for longer than he cares to disclose!

Do technological innovations in recruitment benefit the candidate? [01:41]
On the whole, no they don’t says William. He cites the number of ‘chefs’ in the recruitment ‘kitchen’ such as sourcers, hiring managers, employee branding, recruitment marketing etc. all of whom have influence in the hiring process and of course pay the cost of the tech so by and large the candidates are the ‘ignored’ constituency.

The great resignation – lipstick on a pig? [04:10]
Is the great resignation all that is seems to be? William argues that as a society we haven’t really understood the reasons why someone chooses now not to work – it needs as he says greater archeology and anthropology to get to real reasons.

Are organisations using the cost of living crisis to exploit consumers? [08:56]
William isn’t convinced that cost of living crisis has been inflated by organisations seeking to recoup losses incurred during the pandemic. He cites the oil industry who he believes are cynically using the conflict in Ukraine to drive prices up.

Will the recruitment market stay white hot? [11:39]
Depends entirely on the sector according to William. There are some inherent structural shortages such as there are not enough software developers to handle the software needs of today let alone tomorrow.

Should employers help workers with the cost of living crisis? [16.35]
Yes is the simple answer. This is an opportunity for HR to engage on a deeper level with employees and provide solutions to help employees thrive in and out of work. He reveals the movement towards ‘daily pay’ and innovative solutions that allows employees to trade holiday days for other benefits such as paying down student debt.

Work-life balance is a con! [20:30]
Tincup argues that work-life balance does not exist and never has. He says it’s work-life integration. We discuss at length organisational culture and how some ‘cultures’ fit or don’t fit but there are no bad cultures except those that are illegal.

Gen zZ & millennials ask the right questions [24:11]
We discuss why Gen Z and millennials are better as asking questions about work-life integration and what has given them the confidence to challenge the norms.

The end of working from home? [26:39]
The tech giants of Silicon Valley still operate a command and control culture where you have to be seen to be believed to be working. Tincup believes these firms are on the wrong side of history.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable [28:42]
Radical Flexibility is going to be the default position and to attract talent and organisations are going to need to raise their game.





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