Episode 15

Oven-Ready Reheated – Another Bite From Season 3 of the HR Podcast!

Chad Sowash
Podcaster and Recruiter Chad Sowash and I give a withering assessment of some of the characters and practices within HR and Recruitment.

Olly Olsen
Co-founder and Co-CEO of flexible working giant The Office Group talks about the future of the office and how activity based working and agile environments are the future.

Benjamin Cohen
Pink News Founder and former Channel 4 Business & Technology Correspondent and I talk about our experiences of coming out at work.

Oliver Shah
Associate Editor of The Sunday Times gives a warning to those organisations who opine on political or societal matters. As he says ‘matters that aren’t really your bailiwick!

Dr Sam Friedman
Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics busts the myth that the reason for the deficit of people from less privileged backgrounds is because they don’t ‘aspire’ and goes on to warn HR that senior executives often circumvent HR policies when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Jon Simmonds
Founder of Social Media marketing agency Rocket Science Digital explains how certain LinkedIn posts do well and others well sink without trace.

Elan Divon
Harvard-trained Author Elan Divon suggests that Gen Z and the cohorts that follow haven’t enjoyed the ‘rites of passage’ that the generations of before have and they are the poorer for it when it comes to joining the workplace.

About my guest

As we’ve reached the end of Season 3 of the show, I’ve taken the opportunity to offer up some of the best bits for you to enjoy again. This Oven-Ready Reheated episode looks at the first seven interviews of Season 3.


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As we’ve reached the end of Season 3 of the show, I’ve taken the opportunity to offer up some of the best bits for you to enjoy again.

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