Episode 13

Oven-Ready HR – Reheated. Key Moments From The First Six Interviews

Oven-Ready HR – Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1. The first of two compilation episodes revisits the following interviews:

Riham Satti discusses how AI removes unconscious bias from the hiring process and whether bias is always bad?
Simon Morden explores the role of the manager / supervisor and the affect this relationship has on employee engagement;
Professor Dave Ulrich drills down to explain the purpose of HR and why the latest fads are often irrelevant
Mark Kass reveals some of the things we’ve lost by working remotely due to Covid-19
Peter Cheese reminds the HR profession to do more to tackle toxic cultures and bullying
Charlie Gilkes reveals Covid-19 has taken its toll on him and his hospitality business

About my guest


Welcome to Oven-Ready HR reheated!

We’re giving our listeners the opportunity for a second helping of some of the highlights from Season 1’s interviews.

In this first of two compilation episodes, amongst other topics, we look at how AI is revolutionising hiring and helping to remove unconscious bias, we talk to the father of modern day HR, Professor Dave Ulrich on the purpose of HR, we listen to Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD on why HR professionals must take a stand against poor behaviour and ask a young hospitality entrepreneur about his battle to save his business during the Covid pandemic.

My first guest Riham Satti, CEO of a recruitment technology business helping clients to eliminate unconscious bias explained the role of AI in the hiring process and whether bias was always bad.

Simon Morden, Chairman of coaching experts Prosell considered the role of the manager and supervisor and how this relationship affects the levels of employee engagement within an organisation.

Needing little introduction, I questioned Professor Dave Ulrich on whether HR professionals understand enough about business, whether we as a profession hide behind his models and who in the organisation should we take to lunch.

I asked Mark Kass a real estate and social entrepreneur on whether he thought workers wanted to return to the office and what he felt we had missed during the pandemic.

I asked Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD whether he thought the HR profession had stood up to be counted when it came to challenging toxic cultures and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Charlie Gilkes, hospitality entrepreneur and co-founder of the Inception Group explained the qualities he seeks in new hires and how the pandemic has affected his business and him personally.

Thanks again for listening and we hope you enjoyed this extra slice of interviews! Next week amongst others, we will hear again from Steve Browne, our Parish Priest of HR on workplace culture, we delve deeper into the world of entrepreneurship with experts Emma Jones and Carl Reader, talk talent with Marc Effron and learn more about the role HR played in supporting Aoife Martin in her journey to become a trans woman.

It has been a genuine privilege to hear from all of my guests and I thank them again for their incredible views, insights and experience. But it has been an even greater privilege to be welcomed into listeners, homes, cars, offices, dog walks and exercise regimes. We don’t take your support lightly and hope we have provided a podcast worth listening to. Please do rate and review the Podcast and if you would like to get in touch please email me at chris@ovenreadyhr.com

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Oven-Ready HR – Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from the final six episodes of Season 1

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