Episode Episode 13
Season 2

Oven-Ready HR Reheated! Highlights from Season 2

We’re giving listeners the opportunity for an extra slice of interviews from the first six episodes of Season 2 of the Oven-Ready HR Podcast

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Show notes

Matthew Taylor the newly appointed CEO of the NHS Confederation and the author of the eponymous Taylor Report on how some entrepreneurs exploit gig economy workers;
Dr Sam Farley, a lecturer at Leeds University Business School whose research into the dark side of workplace behaviours reveals discusses the rise of cyberbullying;
Award-winning journalist Reeves Wiedeman reveals the extraordinary ability of former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann to motivate his employees;
Hype-Handbook Michael F Schein pours gentle scorn on some of HR and Management’s favourite thinkers;
Jeremy Hunt MP the UK’s former Health and Foreign Secretary gives his opinion on flexible working from Day 1 of employment and the high prevalence of incidents of bullying and toxic work cultures within the NHS;
Michael Whitfield the former CEO and co-founder of Thomson Benefits Online and now serial HR tech investor for his take on what makes a successful organisational culture.

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