Oven-Ready HR Reheated! Further Highlights From Season 2

Francesca Peters, the global Head of Talent at IWG on the differences between what is considered ‘talent’ in Europe versus that in the US;
Daniel Dore – the co-founder of Lightwork Global considers what new skills HR practitioners will need in the age of data analytics;
Mike Seidle the co-founder and COO of Work Here highlights the issues organisations face when slow to hire;
Sarah Barker provides a moving account of her time spent in prison and colleague Darren Burns explains how HR and Hiring professionals can improve the hiring process for ex-offenders;
Merlie Calvert the CEO and founder of Farillio gives her opinion on the perceived ‘Bro-Culture’ often found in tech startups;
Dr Paola Carr-Walker HeadsForward’s co-founder details the steps organisations should take to monitor employee mental health and why an evidence-based approach to mental health in terms of interventions works best.

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