Oven-Ready HR Reheated! Further Highlights From Season 2

Francesca Peters, the global Head of Talent at IWG on the differences between what is considered ‘talent’ in Europe versus that in the US;
Daniel Dore – the co-founder of Lightwork Global considers what new skills HR practitioners will need in the age of data analytics;
Mike Seidle the co-founder and COO of Work Here highlights the issues organisations face when slow to hire;
Sarah Barker provides a moving account of her time spent in prison and colleague Darren Burns explains how HR and Hiring professionals can improve the hiring process for ex-offenders;
Merlie Calvert the CEO and founder of Farillio gives her opinion on the perceived ‘Bro-Culture’ often found in tech startups;
Dr Paola Carr-Walker HeadsForward’s co-founder details the steps organisations should take to monitor employee mental health and why an evidence-based approach to mental health in terms of interventions works best.

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Episode 16
Season 2

Go Big Or Go Home! Getting Workers Back To The Office


Olly Olsen

“Our people team that have kicked into a gear that I never realised we had, and the number of people that we’re trying to hire at the moment is, is extraordinary”
Season 2

LinkedIn – Love It or Loathe it?


Jon Simmonds

“it used to be a glorified Jobs board and we all knew that LinkedIn was where you put your CV up when you were fed up with what you were currently doing. But once you dig down under the surface now, you know, they’ve made a lot of changes to the platform and for my money, it’s actually, it it’s the most genuine social network out there.”
Episode 13
Season 2

Oven-Ready HR Reheated! Highlights from Season 2


Jeremy Hunt MP, Michael F Schein, Matthew Taylor, Dr Sam Farley, Michael Whitfield and Reeves Wiedeman.

We’re giving listeners the opportunity for an extra slice of interviews from the first six episodes of Season 2 of the Oven-Ready HR Podcast
Episode 12
Season 2

Changing Attitudes To Mental Health At Work


Dr Paola Carr-Walker

“Everybody is encouraged to think about their physical health and in the same way I think we should all be encouraged to think about our mental health. And yeah, I would say it’s not just a self-indulgent way of going about things. I think it’s very important. “
Episode 11
Season 2

How Deliveroo Inspired Delivery Of Legal Services


Merlie Calvert

“I think we’ve got far too many, highly talented business owners, business managers, senior employees doing admin and tying themselves in knots versus doing what they’re best capable of doing, which is going out there, creating, innovating, conversing with people, winning hearts and minds”
Episode 10
Season 1

Prison Break – Breaking The Cycle of Unemployment for Ex-Offenders


Janet Leighton

Darren Burns

Sarah Barker

“Some of our better brighter, stronger willed colleagues are people who’ve got lived experience from prison like Sarah, and we don’t care where you’ve come from, what you did last week, what you did yesterday. We’re interested in what you’re doing today and what you want to do tomorrow.”

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