Episode Episode 14
Season 4

Oven Ready HR Reheated – Bite-Sized Chunks of Season 4

So if you’re a regular listener to Oven-Ready you’ll know that at the end of each season we put together a couple compilation episodes called Oven-Ready Reheated looking again at some of Season 4’s themes and best bits.

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Show notes

Paul Nowak, Deputy General Secretary of the UK’s Trades Unions Congress explains how the media characterisation of a them and us relationship between unions and employers is unhelpful. Paul also tells me how he started his trades union journey.

The jobs market is apparently white hot so I sat down with Nick Croucher the lead UK partner for global HR search and recruitment firm Frazer Jones. In this segment, I talk to Nick about the trend to appoint non HR practioners to senior HR roles and whether professional HR qualifications are really worth it.

Lord Hendy QC widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts in employment law has recently introduced his own bill called the Status of Workers Bill to simplify the UK’s confused position on who is and isn’t an employee, His bill will also extend employment protections to millions more of the country’s most vulnerable workers. In this segment, I put it to Lord Hendy that it’s often confusing to establish if an individual is an employee a worker or something else! In the following segment I ask Lord Hendy if his bill will raise costs for employers and I asked him if he thought this was a price worth paying?

Sticking on the legal theme, I talk to Nick Hurley, Divisional Managing Partner in the employment practice at Charles Russell Speechleys about expected developments in UK employment law. Here Nick explains a little more about the Governments pledge to make a request for flexible working a right from the get go.

Thanks to interventions from individuals such as Michele Obama in the US and TV personality Davina McCall in the UK, the menopause at long last has been recognised a major work place issue. I turned to Anne-Marie Yates and DR Lynne Green from Kooth, the UK’s longest established digital mental health provider to share both their own experiences and what enlightened employers should be doing.

First up Anne Marie explains why she thinks we’re now having a proper conversation about the menopause. Dr Lynne then explains why she believes employers have a moral duty to consider the impact of the menopause on women in the workplace.

If like me you’re constantly checking your phone you might benefit from a digital detox. Hector Hughes co-founder of the digital detox business Unplugged explains how his customers feel when they emerge from one of his digital detox cabins having been separated from their devices.

My guest

Lord Hendy QC, Paul Nowak, Nick Hurley, Nick Croucher, Anne-Marie Yates, Dr Lynne Green & Hector Hughes

Paul Nowak, Deputy General Secretary of the UK’s Trades Unions Congress.

Nick Croucher the lead UK partner for global HR search and recruitment firm Frazer Jones.

Lord Hendy QC, Old Street Chambers.

Nick Hurley, Divisional Managing Partner at Charles Russell Speechleys.

Anne-Marie Yates and DR Lynne Green from Kooth.

Hector Hughes co-founder of the digital detox business Unplugged.

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