Episode Episode 15
Season 4

Oven Ready HR Reheated 2 – Season 4’s Final Serving

Oven-Ready Reheated 2 is the last compilation episode of Season 4. I highlight some of the best bits from the final seven intrerviews of the season and you can of course access the full episodes on the site.

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Show notes

Radical Candor is the management philosophy developed by Kim Scott based on caring personally but challenging directly. I asked Kim to tell me the inspiration for her approach.

David Hieatt, the co-founder of Hiut Denim talked to me organisational purpose and also his approach to finding talent.

In the first of two segments, author, entrepreneur and thinker Julia Hobsbawm came on to the show to discuss her new book The Nowhere Office, here she explains why she believes the Monday-Friday working week is history. In this second segment, Julia Hobsbawm reveals why she thinks HR need to kill some ‘darlings’.

Andrew Bazeley from the Fawcett Society – the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights explained why they are asking for the salary history question to be banned.

I ask entrepreneur Alex Kruger if he was in anyway proud of ‘Grace’ the funeral start up business he founded and later closed.

I ask HR advocate and speaker Tracie Sponenberg if she feels that HR leaders have a sit at the board table.

It has been 25 years since Professor Dave Ulrich coined the phrased HR Business Partner. In our interview title is it time kill off the HR business partner role? Author, futurist and Consulting Partner at HR Curator, Dave Millner gives an assessment on why firms seem to be appointing non hr professional to senior HR roles.

My guest

Julia Hobsbawm, Alex Kruger, Dave Millner, Kim Scott, Tracir Sponenberg, Andrew Bazeley & David Hieatt.

Kim Scott, founder of Radical Candor

David Hieatt, the co-founder of Hiut Denim

Julia Hobsbawm,Author, Entrepreneur & Thinker

Andrew Bazeley from the Fawcett Society

Entrepreneur Alex Kruger

HR advocate and speaker Tracie Sponenberg

Author, futurist and Consulting Partner at HR Curator, Dave Millner

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