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Is it time to kill off the HR business partner role?

I don’t want you to be a finance person but you need to be far more savvy in that area I think you need you need secondly to have an external perspective with the role is so busy I know that. But you have got to know what your competitors’ current recruitment programs are. You’ve got to know what your current competitors are doing in the world of development career pathways. You know you’ve got to find out. There’s no point wanting to have a seat at the table if you’ve got damn all to say. “


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Show notes

In this episode of the Oven-Ready HR with Chris Taylor, our guest is Dave Millner. Dave is an organizational development and design consultant with over 30 years of experience, specializing in employee engagement and experience strategies, workforce frameworks, executive coaching, and HR and digital transformation initiatives. Today, David talks about David Ulrich’s HR Model Template, the critical role HR Plays in the company, and how he wants to reinvent the HR Business Partner Structure.

The HR Model Template


There are many problems surrounding role design and business expectations, and David Ulrich’s HR Model template was never intended to be cut and pasted into an organization. It was a suggestion to assist you in designing the function and role that would serve as the main point of contact for the HR community. As a result, these difficulties are causing a slew of problems.

The HR Strategy


A strategy is a promise given by a company’s executives to its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, regulators, investors, and analysts. The strategy attempts to determine where the organization’s budget and funds should be invested to maximize the return on investment and satisfy the organization’s targets, growth, KPIs, and scorecard measures.


Human resource business partners can be extremely beneficial. They can advise and challenge; They should be looking ahead and devise a hybrid model in targeting their objectives. It is a strategic viewpoint in which a manager or leader is removed from day-to-day operational issues and encouraged to think in new ways.

HR as a Power Station


Leaders want HR to be a force to be reckoned with. They want HR to be a part of the decision-making process, advising on which goals to prioritize and a strong future focus on technology, analytics, and design that allows business partners to function as trusted thought leaders in their responses.

Finite VS Infinite Resources


We need to think about technology differently, what it can accomplish for us, and stop focusing solely on cost. In return, the income, profitability, and added value are endless, These are the areas where we should endeavor to make a difference. While it is admirable to aspire to something, we must first have an aspiration or vision to create change. We need to adopt a new paradigm in terms of how we work, interact, and communicate with our internal clients and customers.

HR Competencies


Human resources professionals must have a good understanding of financial management and other related topics. You do not need to be a finance expert to work in this field, but you should know it. Keep an open mind and learn about your competitors’ current recruitment practices and career advancement strategies. You must understand the organization’s strategy, which means reading the document and understanding the plan’s interdependencies. You must be organized and able to finish tasks. You must have an opinion on everything.


Over the last 25 years, there has been a push to demonstrate the value of what human resources do; you can’t just rely on HR to tell you what to do. We’ll need to develop business cases to demonstrate why and where we’re going. One thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t about transforming HR professionals into finance or data scientists; rather, you’ll need a better understanding of the company’s business and commercial issues, as well as a much more data-driven approach to viewing and dealing with your customers.

Dave’s Reinvention


Dave Millner reinvented HR business partners. Within the human resources function, he’d presumably have five pillars, and one of which would focus on the strategic and tactical competencies required to meet business needs. Your analytics and data specialists are probably there, speaking with key leaders and adequately understanding what these things entail. The talent process involves procedure developers, business psychologists, execution specialists, data architects, and surveyors: change agents, perhaps enablement specialists, who would act as business partners.

Learn more about Dave Millner:
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davemillnerhrcurator
Website: https://hrcurator.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davemillner?lang=en

My guest

Dave Millner

Author, futurist and Consulting Partner at HR Curator, Dave Millner has spent the last 30 years working with global organisations offering them HR and people based solutions focusing on future proofing their businesses. Dave is also a regular contributor to global HR conferences and frequently appears on various most Influential lists when it comes to leading HR thinkers.

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