Episode Episode 5
Season 3

If You’re Posh, You’ll Earn More Dosh!

“Put me in a context, my family, my community, my friends, everybody sees me as a confident person. It’s not about some sort of personality difference. It’s about how a work contexts inhibits some and emboldens others.”

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Show notes

Individuals from working class backgrounds who join the UK’s top professions earn on average 16% less than their colleagues doing the same job but who hail from a more privileged background.

This shocking fact revealed by this week’s Oven-Ready HR guest Dr Sam Friedman highlights the long-shadow still cast on our life outcomes in 21st century Britain. Why in a supposedly meritocratic society, should where you went to school and how you speak determine your earning potential?

Dr Sam Friedman is a commissioner at the Social Mobility Commission and Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics. He has published widely on class, culture and social mobility and recently co-authored “The Class Ceiling; why it pays to be privileged.”

The question of class is a hot topic in HR. Just this month, accountancy giant KPMG announced plans to increase the number of partners and directors with a working class background from 23% to 29%.

In this interview, we cover:

Why is there a class pay gap?
Why is there a lack of working-class people in senior roles?
Why class is a conscious as opposed to an unconscious bias; a mis-recognition of talent and how this impacts upon the recruitment and development of talent
What are the dominant behavioural codes and cultural touchpoints displayed by those from a privileged background?
Why being knowledgeable about cricket isn’t a guarantee of competence
Why working class individuals continue to feel like imposters in the workplace.
This is a fascinating interview into Britain’s class system and how it plays out at work. Surely in a modern society, where you went to school shouldn’t impact your pay packet should it?



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