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HR & Marketing – A Special Relationship?

“If you look at an organisation like Primark, for example, is a really good example. They don’t have an HR Department. They have a people and culture department, which really tells you about their focus. I think that’s fantastic because a lot of the functionality of HR is in that, but it’s a recognition that their people are their culture, and the culture is based on the people. I think it’s marvellous”

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Show notes

Although it is critical for HR functions to work closely with all other business departments, HR and Marketing I think have a special relationship. Both functions rely closely on one another to deliver their strategic plans.

Without an engaged, talented and trained workforce, Marketing’s carefully crafted brand communications to customers will be wasted. Likewise without Marketing’s expertise in building brands and communication strategies, HR will struggle to be an ‘Employer of Choice’ seeking to attract the brightest and best and talent.

So what is the state of the ‘Special Relationship’? Is it good, bad or indifferent? Are both functions investing enough time to understand what the other does? Does it matter?

This episode sees Marketing expert Jarmila Yu, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Unique Marketing and Richard Merrin, Managing Director of Spreckley Partners, a London based enterprise technology PR agency give a lively, honest and open critique of the Special Relationship between HR and Marketing and where we go from here.

My guest

Jamila Yu, CMO YUnique Marketing

Richard Merrin, MD Spreckley Partners

Jarmila Yu is the founder and consulting chief marketing officer of YUnique Marketing, a strategic marketing consultancy based in the UK. Having spent 25 years in technology marketing for both household names and start-ups, Jarmila is an award-winning and globally ranked top 100 chief marketing officer, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Direct Marketing, and a member of the Direct Marketing Association and the CIPR.

Richard Merrin, is a public relations professional. Again, with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of enterprise IT, business-to-business communications, and reputation management. He’s the managing director of Spreckley Partners, a London-based enterprise technology PR agency, and a board member of International PR network Global Comm. Richard works for start-ups, mid-tier private enterprises, and all the way up to publicly listed organisations

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