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Go Big Or Go Home! Getting Workers Back To The Office

“Our people team that have kicked into a gear that I never realised we had, and the number of people that we’re trying to hire at the moment is, is extraordinary”

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Where do you stand when it comes to getting workers back to the office? This debate continues to exercise business leaders up and down the land with seemingly little agreement on the best way forward. What is clear however, is how we work will never be the same again. Exciting times!

Giving us his tough and uncompromising message on how organisations can encourage workers back to the Office is Olly Olsen, co-founder of the aptly named The Office Group – a leading provider of flexible workspace in the UK and Germany.

With rare candour not often shared by CEOs, Olsen chronicles the damage he perceives that has been done to the culture of The Office Group and the spirit of his colleagues by Covid-19.



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