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Oven-Ready HR is the podcast that tells compelling stories from the global world of work through a broad HR lens. We convene lively, captivating and thought-provoking conversations with expert analysis and insights. 

We’re here to educate, inform and hopefully entertain and try to make what can be a very dry and dusty subject, just that little bit more interesting and relevant for your workplace.

Season 2
Back To The Office Of The Future


Francesca Peters

The future of the office is of particular interest to this week’s Oven-Ready HR guest. Seemingly a day doesn’t go by without an announcement from an organisation about their plans or apparent lack of concerning a return to the office. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury has weighed into the debate criticising the ‘inhumane’ approach to work taken by Goldman Sachs
Episode 6
Season 2

Organisational Culture Isn’t Just For Christmas, It’s For Life!


Michael Whitfield

“Organisational Culture Isn’t Just For Christmas, It’s For Life!”
Episode 5
Season 2

Shooting The Breeze With Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP


Jeremy Hunt MP

“I opened five new medical schools and increased the number of doctors, nurses, and midwives. We trained by 25%, which is one of the biggest ever single increases, but I always felt we need to be much more strategic and you know, we, we need to recognise that it’s not just pandemics with an ageing population we’re going to need more capacity in our health provision, much more capacity and that means we’ve got to be very strategic and say, look, how many doctors are we going to need in 10 years time in 20 years time, because it takes 7 years to train one. So we need to get cracking”
Episode 4
Season 2

Are Some of HR’s Favourite Gurus and Management Thinkers Just A Load Of Old Hype?


Michael F Schein

Michael Schein questions our slavish devotion to individuals such as Simon Sinek. As Michael says: “… he’s not a social scientist. He’s not a scientist of any sort. He worked in ad agencies before he became a professional guru. So, his best talent is selling stuff. “
Episode 3
Season 2

Defence Against Workplace Bullying


Dr Sam Farley

“So, if you’ve got two colleagues on the same level who don’t like each other and they’re sending each other nasty emails. We wouldn’t really call that bullying because there’s no apparent power disparity there it’s just a kind of conflict. But when you get a differential such as maybe a boss is doing it to their subordinate, then you have a bit of a powered disparity at play. That’s when something can become workplace bullying. “
profile photo chris taylo


Why I started Oven-Ready HR:

Too much theory, too distant from actual reality and too little understanding of real business makes HR impenetrable for many start-up and SME organisations. HR is often seen as a barrier to success rather than an enabler. This needs to change. HR professionals who understand business bring immeasurable value to an organisation. Those that don’t, add nothing.

HR also needs to stand-up and be counted when it comes to tackling toxic workplace cultures. Everyone has a right to work without fear, harassment and bullying. If Oven-Ready HR can help shine a light on the positives and negatives of the workplace and encourage new thinking then we’ve done our job. Big ambitions for sure, but we have to start somewhere right?

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Chris’ day job

Chris hasn’t always been in HR and actually began his career in marketing where he built a successful communications and branding agency. He then spent a number of years in a Commercial and HR role running a Private Members’ club in London’s Mayfair. Latterly he founded a highly successful boutique talent agency that was purchased by a competitor in 2019.

Chris is co-founder of The Podcasterists a specialist full-service podcast agency that helps organisations explain their purpose through expert storytelling.

Chris also has an HR consultancy for the start-up and SME sectors where he provides organisations with pragmatic HR solutions to help them succeed in their marketplace.