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What does HR need to know about ESG?

It’s essential that leaders live their ESG values says Emma. As she says, there is no point in having statements about diversity if for example, the board is entirely male and pale!


Episode 11
Season 5

The young ones – graduates, interns & entry level jobs

Steven Rothberg explains what goes into a great internship programme. He says employers must see interns as potential hires and failing to hire means the internship has, in his opinion, failed its purpose.
Episode 10
Season 5

Feeling safe at work – what does it mean?

Leaders at the top of the business set the culture. It’s not about having policies and procedures. If DE&I is important to the leadership then it will be part of that organisations’ culture.
Episode 9
Season 5

Doctor, Doctor, I need some learning that sticks!

Dr Alex explains why technology such as augmented reality is so effective in delivering soft skills training when compared to more traditional methods of learning.


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Episode 4
Season 5

Does Working A Four Day Week Work?

Seemingly not a day goes by without some reference to the future of work. PWC employees were recently branded lazy gits by Lord Sugar for being allowed to take Friday afternoon’s off during the summer provided they had their work done. PWC hit back accusing the media personality of being Childish but it got me thinking – can working less hours actually deliver more productivity?
Episode 13
Season 4

Is it time to kill off the HR business partner role?

I don’t want you to be a finance person but you need to be far more savvy in that area I think you need you need secondly to have an external perspective with the role is so busy I know that. But you have got to know what your competitors’ current recruitment programs are. You’ve got to know what your current competitors are doing in the world of development career pathways. You know you’ve got to find out. There’s no point wanting to have a seat at the table if you’ve got damn all to say. “
Episode 10
Season 4

Want to Improve Gender Equality At Work? Then Stop Asking The Worthless Salary History Question!

“So we really want employers to just stop asking these questions. It’s a simple change. It doesn’t take that much work on their side and the research proves they will enhance gender equality.”


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