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Demistifying HR for the startup and SME sectors

Oven-Ready HR is the Podcast that aims to demystify and deconstruct HR best practices for the start-up and SME sectors.

Oven-Ready’s approach is to discuss the practical application of HR ideas and practices and to explain the theory behind them. We’re here to educate, inform and hopefully entertain and try to make what can be a very dry and dusty subject, just that little bit more interesting and relevant for your workplace.

Episode 13
Oven-Ready HR – Reheated. Key Moments From The First Six Interviews


Riham Satti, Simon Morden, Professor Dave Ulrich, Mark Kass, Peter Cheese & Charlie Gilkes

Oven-Ready HR – Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from the first six episodes of Season 1
Episode 12

One Does Not Simply Acquire Talent!


Marc Effron

On the question of name change from Recruitment to Talent, Mark makes this interesting analogy: “I thought if I was eating at a horrible restaurant where the food was awful, and the servers were rude, and they changed their name, am I going back because, gee, they must’ve changed everything else because they swapped the sign? Probably not.”
Episode 11

Behind An Ordinary Life Is The Extraordinary Bravery, Generosity And Wisdom of Aoife Martin


Aoife Martin

“A lot of trans people would be unemployed. It can be difficult. Like I said, “I’m a very privileged white, trans woman.” I have a good job. I have a roof over my head. I can put food on the table, but there are lots of trans people out there who don’t have that”
Episode 10

Why Are So Many Of Us Choosing To Be Our Own Boss?


Carl Reader

“One of my sayings I always use is that “Too many businesses hire quickly and fire slowly, and it should really be the other way around.” Not that I advocate firing if at all possible, but ultimately, if you know that a decision needs to be taken whether it’s redundancy, whether it’s performance management, whether it’s a tough conversation about conduct, in fact, if that decision has been made in your mind, you really have to get on with it and address it because otherwise it just gets harder and harder.”
Episode 9

HR & Marketing – A Special Relationship?


Jamila Yu, CMO YUnique Marketing

Richard Merrin, MD Spreckley Partners

“If you look at an organisation like Primark, for example, is a really good example. They don’t have an HR Department. They have a people and culture department, which really tells you about their focus. I think that’s fantastic because a lot of the functionality of HR is in that, but it’s a recognition that their people are their culture, and the culture is based on the people. I think it’s marvellous”
Episode 8

These Are The Voyages of Enterprise Nation, Boldly Going Where No Organisation Has Gone Before


Emma Jones CBE

“What is not so obvious and apparent is when a startup starts, there isn’t much HR education and training at the outset. When you’re a founder, thinking of hiring and motivating people is not foremost on your mind because what you’re thinking of is, is the money coming in? Is this company getting traction? “
Episode 7

Stop Apologising For Working in HR, Instead Start Evangelising!


Steve Browne

“So, after I had been there a full day, I chose not to wear a tie. I just wore a dress shirt and slacks. The CEO came by and was furious and typical of most organisations instead of confronting me in the behaviour, which he thought was atrocious, he went to his office and passively in passive-aggressiveness called my boss, who sat across from me. It’s an open office. “
profile photo chris taylo


Why I started Oven-Ready HR:

Too much theory, too distant from actual reality and too little understanding of real business makes HR impenetrable for many start-up and SME organisations. HR is often seen as a barrier to success rather than an enabler. This needs to change. HR professionals who understand business bring immeasurable value to an organisation. Those that don’t, add nothing.

HR also needs to stand-up and be counted when it comes to tackling toxic workplace cultures. Everyone has a right to work without fear, harassment and bullying. If Oven-Ready HR can help shine a light on the positives and negatives of the workplace and encourage new thinking then we’ve done our job. Big ambitions for sure, but we have to start somewhere right?

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Chris’ day job

Chris hasn’t always been in HR and actually began his career in marketing where he built a successful communications and branding agency. He then spent a number of years in a Commercial and HR role running a Private Members’ club in London’s Mayfair. Latterly he founded a highly successful boutique talent agency that was purchased by a competitor in 2019.

Chris has recently launched an HR consultancy for the start-up and SME sectors where he helps organisations with pragmatic HR solutions to help them succeed in their marketplace.